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Kapita team

Alexander Phimister

Chairman and CEO

Pablo Garcia

Partner and CIO

Presidente Gen Innovación y coordinador

Carlos Solana - Innovation Lead Mediapro

Investment director

Presidente Gen Innovación y coordinador

Frequently Asked Questions

In what areas do we invest?

Retail is our passion. We are an investment firm focused in retail & tech but with a wider range of interests.
Our core investment areas would be:

- In store retail tech
- Marketplaces and e-commerce
- Supply chain & logistics tech (LML)
- On demand technologies
- Deep tech in general

Fund's hypothesis

Verticalization and specialization brings the 3 universes together.

- One big ecosystem that strategically aligns the interests of the different relevant agents across the retail value chain.

- We start early but we are stage agnostic.

-Connection of top corporations, entrepreneurial talent and future investors.

Do we do follow ons?

Yes! We want to be with you along you during your whole journey.

We are a fund with the capacity to participate into all the stages of your company from, Pre-Seed and Seed, into Series A, B and C.

How is your relation with the founders?

We know how hard it is to build a project. We invest to support, no matter what, we are always aligned with the founders. 

If there is a conflict, we tend to see it your way, you are the one in charge of your business.

Normally we do not take board sits, only if necessary.

Interested to work with us?

Drop a message to