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Our job won't stop with the investment. Our mission is to help your business grow by giving you the best tools available, for that, we've developed three pillars that will boost greatly the expansion of your start-up.

Meet and scale

We always help in the next fundraising.

Sell and consolidate

We can give you access to some major retail corporates.

Boost your business

Online platform for sharing best practices between retailers.

Read to act.

Write to notice. Do to understand .

You get luckier once you have more to offer

VC as a platform

We’ve built a digital platform to make us more effective, collaborative & transparent in our investment process.

Kapita isn’t just an investment team, we are also like a startup with a product team. 

Forums, events and workshops

We believe in collective intelligence, we always focus on obtaining value from our community.

Our online forum is a job where you can share jobs, startups and opportunities.

We search solutions, not problems

We’re facing similar issues as our portfolio companies, and by developing our own product and platform, we are better equipped to understand and support them. We have developed multiple products: an app, a CRM system, a back-office, digital communication tools, etc.

+400 people in our platform

We have one of the biggest retail communities around the globe, many experts, entreprenerus with vertical focus. Companies like Disney, Amazon, Fnac or Dufry already work with us.

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Technology helps us selecting better startups but will also help you access to funds, startups and corporates.

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